The Green Coffee Bean Diet

Many people find it challenging to monitor their calorie intake or stick to exercise routines. When used in conjunction with a sufficient diet and practical exercise routine, the green coffee bean diet can help reduce weight– for every body type. According to, this natural method of losing weight through daily consumption of green coffee bean extract showed excellent results through surveys and tests, increasing one’s weight loss during his/her diet significantly. However, green coffee bean extract also has numerous other benefits a person can count on:

First of all, just like the coffee many of us drink on a daily basis, this extract is extremely rich in antioxidants which prevent the appearance of free radicals in our body, protecting us from illnesses and various other health problems. But, the antioxidants are not responsible for the weight loss that this extract supports. Rather, a plant chemical called chlorogenic acid has been proven to have the capability of preventing cell degradation, as well as increasing the body weight loss.

A green coffee bean diet involving an intake of about 700mg of the extract a day, over the course of 22 days has been proven to result in a weight loss of about 10%. Additionally, this natural supplement is capable of reducing blood pressure in case of hypertension, being completely safe for people who use it. However, medical testing has only been done on patients who suffered from mild hypertension.

Another benefit that the green coffee bean diet has on the human body affects the blood vessels as well, this time through better blood circulation. The chlorogenic acid showed great results in promoting better blood circulation in research experiments conducted on rats. Twenty rats were divided in groups of 10 and one group was given 140mg doses of chlorogenic acid a day, while the other was given placebo, over the course of 4 months. In the end, the blood test results of the non-placebo group were incomparably better.

The green coffee bean diet, through the consumption of extracts which are usually available in forms of pills contains less caffeine than the roasted coffee beans to which we are more or less used to. Therefore, this is a healthier variant. Yet, in order to use the extract safely, follow the instructions carefully and dose it adequately.

Taking too much coffee, for example, can result in a decreased absorption of certain minerals by our body, predominantly potassium, magnesium and manganese. Nevertheless, drinking coffee on a regular basis can have many benefits that green coffee beans have, just in a smaller effectiveness rate.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons for you to opt for green coffee bean diet. Just make sure you do your homework well and learn all about this form of supplementation and its effects on your body.

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