About Nature Botanical Farms LLC

Nature Botanicals Farms’ primary goal – is to sell products that heal the world and bring nature back into our daily lives. Years ago, farms would bring nature’s products to the table. Now, with conventional medicine and commercialized businesses, the idea of being healthy via natural, harvest products has disappeared. Nature Botanicals is here to re-establish that. Mike Finkilstein, a chemist and herbalist for over 25 years, grew up in the valleys of California and has had the opportunity to experience mother-nature at its finest. He has worked to produce small batches of supplements directly from the farmers, with long expiration dates and least exposure to chemicals, in order to achieve the best results. With his background in product implementation, quality control, design and production, Finkelstein has created a superior line of products, from Yacon Syrup to Garcinica,which is all natural and helps you lose weight the healthy way!