Raspberry Ketone LEAN Overview

Health Discoveries Journal wrote a great piece outlining the details, formula and studies on Raspberry Ketone LEAN:

Everybody likes raspberries for their delicious fruity-berry taste and pleasant aroma. Few people know these popular and nutritious fruits have natural and very potent weight-loss chemical called Raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketone? Is that a 1960’s pop group? No, it’s a compound, silly. It’s the same chemical that gives raspberries their distinct taste and smell, and makes them a powerful fat-burner..

Ketone showed very interesting qualities in the lab. Researchers saw it can actually override nature’s weight-loss trigger — your energy-hoarding defenses that make sure you stay fat once you’ve lost a few pounds.

Proven: Dieting Makes You Fat

The longer you diet, and the harder you try to reduce, the harder it becomes to lose weight.

You’ve been on lots of diets, and you know that dieting makes you feel sluggish. You already know that cutting back on calories sends your metabolism into starvation mode because your body believes you are struggling to survive a famine. Once your body gets the message that it’s not being fed quite as well as before, your body hoards calories and weight loss slows to a standstill.

Once your metabolism begins winding down, you begin to feel exhausted and unable to exercise. There’s not a lot you can do about this problem on your own. It’s you vs. your body’s natural defenses fighting over the extra poundage.

Super-Fruits Are Fat-Burning Heroes

Nature created this problem, yet Mother Nature also sent help!

It was recently discovered that the humble everyday raspberry is an amazing super-food. These delicious berries have a natural talent to help you keep losing fat.

Raspberry ketone plays games with nature by stoking your metabolism, and keeps your body burning fat — long past the time when your diet should have lost its effectiveness.

If you’re wondering if you would have to eat buckets of raspberries to benefit from raspberry ketone — it’s not necessary. Raspberry ketone extraction is finally available to the public in a potent pill form. This formulation also includes other potent weight loss and antioxidant fruits that will help stoke your metabolism to help you lose more weight.

The new supplement is called Raspberry Ketone Lean, developed by weight-loss nutritionists. Raspberry Ketone Lean also has powerful antioxidants from other weight loss super-fruits such as African mango, grapefruit, sea kelp, green tea, apple cider vinegar and Resveratrol.

Fat Mice Tell Tales

“When given to mice in high doses (up to 2% of food intake), raspberry ketone has been shown to prevent high-fat diet-induced elevations in body weight. This effect is reported to stem from the alteration of lip metabolism, increasing non-repinephrine induced liposis.” (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

What the above means in plain English is that mice who ate too much didn’t gain weight while consuming raspberry ketone at the same time. The way Raspberry Ketone Lean works is to increase the secretion of another chemical called adiponectin. It’s a hormone in charge of regulating your glucose levels and levels of blood fat.

Low levels of adiponectin are associated with high levels of body fat, diabetes and fatty liver disease. Yes, you heard that right. A lack of adiponectin in the blood can cause these life-threatening conditions. Raspberry Ketone Lean increases the adiponectin levels in your blood to ward off these diseases.

Raspberry Ketone LEAN Formulation

The Raspberry Ketone Lean supplement is formulated with these powerful active ingredients:

Raspberry Ketone

An organic compound found naturally in raspberries that gives them their distinct flavor and odor. Its natural ability to increase metabolism makes Raspberry Ketone a natural weight management helper.

African Mango

They have been shown to burn fat, reduce appetite and can help your body regulate the secretion of leptin. These qualities make African mango a Raspberry ketone ally and a complimentary ingredient in Raspberry Ketone Lean.

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea have been known for thousands of years. It is taken therapeutically in Asia, and green tea is one of the antioxidants in Raspberry Ketone Lean. Green tea is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce heart disease risk and it’s an established anti-carcinogen.


Every dieter knows the fat-burning qualities grapefruits have, making them a standard part of everyone’s diet. They are deliciously tangy and packed with Vitamin C and fiber.


It is a natural vegetable from the sea, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Kelp helps promote nervous system and thyroid health, as well as boosting the metabolism.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The natural acidity in Apple cider vinegar promotes a healthy digestive system, and helps with elimination to keep your system running smoothly. Apple cider vinegar is also popular in folk medicines as a cold remedy, anti-allergen and as a treatment for many other ailments.

Successful Raspberry Ketone Studies

Study #1

“In a double blind randomized study involving 40 subjects, 28 subjects received Irvingia Gabonensis (also known as wild African mango, an ingredient in Raspberry Ketone Lean), while 12 were placed on placebo. The difference observed between the IG and the placebo groups was significant. The obese patients under Irvingia gabonensis treatment also had a significant decrease of total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides and an increase of HLCD-cholesterol.” Published: 25 May 2005 Lipids in Health and Disease

Study #2

“Those who took the African mango took it in the amount of 150mg twice a day, and none of the participants followed any dietary instructions, and all were told to maintain their previous activity levels. By the end of the study, those who were taking African mango had lost an average of 28.2 pounds. Those who were taking African mango also found themselves naturally eating less. Those who were not taking African mango ate a mean amount of 2767 calories a day.” Published: Lipids in Health and Disease 2009

Study #3

Study #3 “Raspberry Ketone is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Researcher Morimoto and his colleagues tested to see the effects Raspberry Ketone would have on rats who were started on a high fat diet, or who had already had obesity induced by a high fat diet. Of the rats who were fed on only a high fat diet for 6 weeks, to include obesity, and then the same diet with the introduction of Raspberry Ketone, their continued weight gain was slowed significantly. There was even some dramatic weight loss at the beginning of taking Raspberry Ketone.” Published: “Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone,” Chie Morimota et al. Department of Medical Biochemistry, Ehime University School of Medicine

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